Color photograph of three women interacting with the Memorial to Enslaved Laborers

Washington Post Praises Charlottesville Memorial

The Washington Post praises the University of Virginia’s recently opened Memorial to Enslaved Laborers in Charlottesville, designed by the architects Eric Howeler and J. Meejin Yoon (2020 Resident).

Color photograph of Helen O'Leary in her AAR studio

Helen O’Leary Talks about Her Artistic Process

“I knit with wood, take things apart,” Helen O’Leary (2019 Fellow) tells Artistic Fuel in a recent interview. “I see my studio as an archeological site, a compendium of armatures, erasures, deliberate archaisms, renovations and restorations.”

Quick News - Bissera Pentcheva Hagia Sophia

Bissera Pentcheva on the Hagia Sophia’s Acoustics

Bissera Pentcheva (2018 Fellow), who is reconstructing the sonic world of Byzantine cathedral music by studying the Hagia Sophia’s extravagantly reverberant acoustics, discusses her scholarship with Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim (2018 Resident) of the New York Times.

Quick News - Lysley Tenorio

Lysley Tenorio’s Highly Praised Novel

Lysley Tenorio (2016 Fellow) has just published a new novel, The Son of Good Fortune, which he worked on during his time at AAR. The book has received positive reviews from the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, and Publishers Weekly.

Quick News - Christopher Cerrone

New EP from Christopher Cerrone

Next month New Focus Recordings will release a new EP from composer Christopher Cerrone (2016 Fellow) and flutist Tim Munro. Liminal Highway is a hypnotic five-movement work for flute and electronics inspired by a poem by John K. Samson, lead singer and songwriter for the Weakerthans.

Quick News - George Stoll

George Stoll Exhibition Opening on July 19

LSH CoLAB will open Camouflage, an exhibition of work by 2005 Rome Prize Fellow George Stoll, in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 19. A social-distancing reception for Stoll and Helen Chung, who has a concurrent show, takes place from 4:00 to 6:00pm.

Quick News - Ila Bêka Homo Urbanas

Ila Bêka’s “HOMO URBANUS” in France

An exhibition of work by Ila Bêka (2019 Italian Fellow) and Louise Lemoine, titled HOMO URBANUS: 10 Films/10 villes du monde, has opened at Arc en Rêve Centre d’Architecture in Bordeaux.

Quick News - George Lewis

George Lewis on Black Composers

George Lewis (2010 Resident) surveys how Black composers “have explored what it means—and could mean—to be American, helping to foster a creolized, cosmopolitan new music for the 21st century.” His New York Times article features Tania León (1998 Resident) and Courtney Bryan (2020 Fellow).

Quick News - Giovanna Silva book

Giovanna Silva Examines the “Tropical Modernist”

Hatje Cantz is publishing Mr. Bawa I Presume by Giovanna Silva (2020 Italian Fellow), which explores minimalistic ecofriendly houses, schools, and hotels by the Sri Lankan “tropical modernist” Geoffrey Bawa. The book received a 2019 Graham Foundation grant.

Quick News - Thomas Phifer

Thomas Phifer Wins AIA Award

A belated congratulations to 1996 Fellow Thomas Phifer for winning a 2020 Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects for the Pavilions, his expansion of the Glenstone Museum in Maryland.

Quick News - Dell Upton Monuments

Dell Upton’s “Monuments and Crimes”

In his essay “Monuments and Crimes,” Dell Upton (2019 Resident) considers historic preservation as a tool of political ideology in Italy and America in a new article published by Journal18, an online publication affiliated with the Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture.

Color portrait of the head and shoulders of Danielle Allen

Danielle Allen Wins 2020 Kluge Prize

The political theorist Danielle Allen (2020 Resident) has won this year’s John W. Kluge Prize for Achievement in the Study of Humanity, a $500,000 award administered by the Library of Congress that recognizes work in disciplines not covered by the Nobel Prize.

Color photograph of Pamela Z performing her musical composition with an iPad at AAR during the 2020 Cinque Mostre exhibition

Two Composers Receive American Academy of Arts and Letters Awards

This year the American Academy of Arts and Letters awarded the Virgil Thomson Award in Vocal Music to James Primosch (1993 Affiliated Fellow) and the Walter Hinrichsen Award in Music to Pamela Z (2020 Fellow).

Detail of a 2018 drawing by Yun-fei Ji called Wind from the North

American Academy of Arts and Letters Names Art Award Winners

The American Academy of Arts and Letters has announced its 2020 award and prize winners. In the category for art are four Rome Prize Fellows: Elliot Green (2012), Yun-fei Ji (2006), Siobhan Liddell (2012), and Karyn Olivier (2019).

Quick News - Stephanie Frampton classics

Stephanie Frampton Looks at Ancient Books

Stephanie Frampton, professor of literature at MIT and a 2014 Fellow in ancient studies, talks about her 2019 book Empire of Letters and her current project, “Cicero’s Library: The Roman Book and the Making of the Classics.”