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Elizabeth Lyding Will at work in Cosa, Italy (photograph from the Cosa Collection, American Academy in Rome, Photographic Archive)

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Bronze Age Pottery and 21st Century Scholarly Communication: A Web Based Archive
R. Ross Holloway
Brown University

Excavations at Chianciano Terme (Mezzomiglio)
David Soren
University of Arizona

Elizabeth Fentress

Excavations at Horace’s Villa
Bernard Frischer
University of California, Los Angeles

Jerba Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Survey Project, Tunisia
Elizabeth Fentress and Renata Holod
University of Pennsylvania

Monte Polizzo
Ian Morris
Stanford University

Sangro Valley Project
Susan Kane
Oberlin College

Atrium Vestae
Darby Scott
Bryn Mawr University

Palatine East Excavations
Eric Hostetter
University of Illinois

Roman Maritime Concrete
Robert Hohlfelder
University of Colorado


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