Angela Valamanesh

Mordant Family/Creative Australia Affiliated Fellow
11 settembre–3 novembre 2023
Ceramist, Adelaide, Australia
Descrizione del progetto

My project proposal for Rome was to investigate early Roman mosaics and ceramic votive offerings. While I certainly achieved this intention, I also surprised myself with unexpected outcomes. Making small watercolor observations of material that I observed on the ground outside the Academy, I first noticed a good deal of trash: cigarette butts, plastic party debris, plastic bottles. What I gradually became more familiar with and grew to appreciate and admire was the variety of weeds present. This became the focus of my watercolor observations that will eventually become larger artworks. Over the years I have grown to admire so-called weeds for their tenacity and abundance—although as a keen gardener I appreciate the problems associated with them. I did see the most amazing ceramic mosaic titled The Unswept Floor at the Gregorian Profano in the Vatican Museums, as well as many fine examples of votive offerings in various collections. These will also work their way into my art practice.