Ben Metcalf

University of California, Berkeley Affiliated Fellow
13 maggio–5 luglio 2024
Managing Director, Terner Center for Housing Innovation
Adjunct Professor in City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley
Descrizione del progetto

In Rome, I will be undertaking a comparative study of social housing in European contexts with a goal of informing policy solutions to California’s ongoing housing-affordability crisis. I plan to investigate models that can be applied to a next generation of California housing development, seeking a middle way between traditional low-income affordable rental housing and private-sector-driven models that would be responsive to local planning contexts and design goals. This work is intended to inform courses I will be teaching at the University of California, Berkeley, in the following year; it will also support research that I will be providing to state policy makers to inform a State of California initiative currently underway to design a new social-housing program.