A Second Look at Salone III

color photo of a man wearing a mask and costume playing the piano in the dark as a large video is projected on the screen behind him
Igor Santos (2022 Fellow) composed and performed offering [ocean] (part II of Water Triptych)
Color photo of three dancers surrounding a man reading from a paper scroll he is holding
Molissa Fenley (2008 Fellow) and Bob Holman (1991 Resident Traveler) presented Double Beginning, where Holman read poetry and Fenley, Betsy Cooper, and Timothy Ward danced to Fenley’s choreography
Color photograph of a play performance: a man sits in a chair at a table and a woman stands nearby
Claire Buckingham (right) and Ben Forster perform a scene from the play Firefall (2006), written by John Jesurun (2020 Fellow)
A man standing in a ballroom performance space speaking and gesturing toward the audience
Jay Anthony Gach (1984 Fellow) introduced the performance of SONGS FOR EMMY by Sara Paar (soprano) and Andrea Lodge (piano)
Color photo of a man and woman on a wood-floored performance stage; each has a microphone and a music stand with materials from which they read
Dave King & Patricia Cronin—2007 Fellows in literature & visual arts—read a poem written with Hérica Valladares, Ken Ueno, Andrew Kranis, Margaret Meserve, Laura Newman, Richard Rezac, Samiya Bashir, Kelly Powell, Geoffrey Brock, Polly Apfelbaum & more
Color photo of a musical performance with one woman seated at a piano and another woman standing and singing
Andrea Lodge (piano) and Sara Paar (soprano) perform SONGS FOR EMMY by Jay Anthony Gach (1984 Fellow), which includes music set to poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay, Emily Dickinson, Roger McGough, and Gach

A very enthusiastic audience of 125 attended Salone III at the legendary Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village in New York on March 12, 2024. Phu Hoang (2017 Fellow), president of the Society of Fellows, introduced the ninety-minute event, thanking the performers and organizers.

Presented by the Society of Fellows, the third Salone showcased music by 2017 Fellow Igor Santos and 1984 Fellow Jay Anthony Gach; dance and poetry by 2008 Fellow Molissa Fenley and 1991 Resident Traveler Bob Holman; and theater by 2014 Fellow Dan Hurlin (on video) and 2020 Fellow John Jesurun.

Salone III also featured collaborations. The first was a music/theater/event written, composed, and designed by three 2009 Fellows: Marie Lorenz, Kurt Rohde, and Dana Spiotta. Excerpts from this work, Newtown Odyssey, was shown on video. The second collaborative project was a renga poem written by a group of fifteen Fellows and read by the artist Patricia Cronin and the writer Dave King, both 2007 Fellows.

A great evening was had by all. From conversations and declarations of excitement and pleasure, everyone is looking forward to the next Salone!

Watch video of the full Salone III on Vimeo.

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