Color photograph of a light skinned man wearing a light tan blazer and red button up shirt leaning against a wall; he smiles at the camera

Jaś Elsner

Lester K. Little Resident in Medieval Studies
11 settembre–17 novembre 2023
Humfry Payne Senior Research Fellow in Classical Archaeology and Art, Corpus Christi College, Oxford University
Visiting Professor of Art and Religion, Divinity School and the History of Art Department, University of Chicago

Jaś Elsner is a distinguished art historian and professor whose expertise lies in the field of classical art and archaeology. With a profound understanding of ancient cultures and a keen eye for visual analysis, he has made significant contributions to the study and interpretation of ancient art and its historical context.

One of Elsner’s notable contributions is his exploration of the relationship between art and religion in the ancient world. He has investigated the ways in which religious beliefs and practices shaped the production and reception of art, unveiling the intricate interplay between the spiritual and the visual.