Black Value

giovedì 8 febbraio 2018 18:00–sabato 17 marzo 2018 18:00
Fondazione Biagiotti Progetto Arte
Via delle Belle Donne, 39r
Firenze, Italia
Black Value - Exhibition - Fondazione Biagiotti Progetto Arte

Black Value is an exhibition coorganized with the American Academy in Rome and with the support of Galleria Continua that examines the contemporary dynamism of marginalized people in the context of a continuously shifting sociocultural landscape that challenges traditionally prescribed communal, geographical, and political realities. Drawing upon past and present Rome Prize Fellows from the American Academy in Rome, the show features a range of work by artists actively probing global perspectives, transnational aspirations, pluralized histories, and meditations on distance from the vantage point of US nationals abroad. Renegotiating societal perceptions of value these works transcend the posturing of binary logic and resonate with uncharted mythologies that shake their implicit allusions to a hurriedly superficial characterization of their creators. Blackness in the global context and the historical romanticism of an outsider’s point of view on US history and sociopolitical currents resonate in these works that shatter the constraints of a black American monolith.

Participating artists: current Rome Prize winners Sanford Biggers, Abigail DeVille, and Beverly McIver; and Fellows Kevin Jerome Everson (2002), Lyle Ashton Harris (2001), Senam Okudzeto (2015), and Nari Ward (2012).

Fondazione Biagiotti Progetto Arte
Via delle Belle Donne 39r
Florence, Italy
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