Upcoming events

May 7–August 25, 2024

Expodemic: Festival of Foreign Academies and Cultural Institutes

Graphic design digital flyer with an exhibition, with a lot of text about the title, location, etc., in pink, red, and black

Expodemic is the second edition of the Festival of Foreign Academies and Cultural Institutes in Rome designed to spread out from the Palazzo Esposizioni Roma into the fabric of the city.

May 23–June 29, 2024

A Moment in Time: Xu Bing in Rome

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This exhibition is a newly commissioned show of work by the artist Xu Bing (2024 Resident) at the American Academy in Rome.

June 18, 2024

Erica Hunt & Lina Pallota: In Good Company

June 22, 2024

Baldwin Giang – Death Speaks in Palimpsests

Color photo of three muscians, their instruments, and music stands in a room

The program presents the Italian premieres of works by two composers associated with AAR, Baldwin Giang (2024 Fellow) and David Lang (1991 Fellow, 2017 Resident).

June 27, 2024

Exhibition Finissage: An Evening of Performances with Peng Shuai Paolo & Vanshika Agrawal

AAR has commissioned two performances from Vanshika Agrawal and Peng Shuai Paolo as response to the exhibition A Moment in Time: Xu Bing in Rome.

June 29, 2024

Baldwin Giang – Scenes from the Post-Diaspora

Color photo of ten people seated or standing around a long dinner table topped with fruit and musical instruments

This concert develops themes of postglobalization identity and hybridity in a multimovement, multimedia opera where Baldwin Giang’s music is accompanied by video footage that marked his personal journey.

November 14, 2024
New York

New York Gala 2024

AAR will hold its next New York Gala on Thursday, November 14, 2024 at the New York Public Library’s Bartos Forum.