Color image of two separate photos side by side. On the left is a man with a beard and a black shirt standing in an artist's studio, with a yellow and black graphic work on the work table in front of him; on the right is a woman standing in a gallery next to hre abstract ceramic relief sculpture hanging on the white wall behind her

New Mordant Family/Australia Council Affiliated Fellows: Reko Rennie and Angela Valamanesh

Color photograph of the head and torso of an older light skinned woman with white hair, as she looks at the camera and smiles cheerfully

In Memoriam: Nancy Brown Negley

Film Screening and Discussion Examines Stories of Migrant Life in Italy

Italian Translation of Natasha Trethewey’s Poems

Paintings by Nick Blosser at Houghton University

Liz Ševčenko’s “Public History for a Post-Truth Era”

Kevin Benham holds up a translucent glass or plexiglas rectangular sign with the word TIME on it

Rome Prize

Time and Space to Think and Work

For over a century, the Rome Prize has supported innovative and cross-disciplinary work in the arts and humanities. Each year, the prize is awarded to about thirty artists and scholars who represent the highest standard of excellence and who are in the early or middle stages of their careers.

Meet the Fellows

Color photograph of Randall Todd Pippenger wearing a suit and sitting outdoors on a concrete ledge

Randall Todd Pippenger

Medieval Studies
Color photograph of Valerio Morabito sitting at a table with a pencil in hand and a drawing on paper, an open book, and a tablet computer in front of him

Valerio Morabito

Landscape Architecture
Color photograph of Valzhyna Mort standing at an eating counter inside a Belarusian delicatessan

Valzhyna Mort

Color photograph of the head, torso, and arms of Ellen Pearlstein, standing against a stone block wall

Ellen Pearlstein

Historic Preservation & Conservation
Black and white portrait of the head and shoulders of Mary Ellen Carroll

Mary Ellen Carroll


Invited Residents

Color photograph of the head and shoulders of Ruth Ben-Ghiat, wearing a red-orange top and looking straight into the camera

Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Modern Italian Studies
Color photograph of the head and shoulders of Olga Bush, against a faded dark yellow wall

Olga Bush

Medieval Studies
Color photograph of the head and torso of Dario Gamboni wearing a sportscoat and a scarf draped around his neck

Dario Gamboni

History of Art

Guillermo Kuitca

Visual Arts
Color photograph of Laura Kurgan speaking from a lecture podium

Laura Kurgan



Color photograph of a light skinned brown haired woman standing and speaking at a podium in a lecture room

Lindsay Harris

Interim Andrew Heiskell Arts DIrector
Color photograph of a light skinned man wearing a dark suit and tie and standing at a transparent plastic podium; he gestures with his left hand as he holds and speaks into a cordless microphone in his right hand

Mark Robbins

President and CEO
Color photograph of the head and shoulders of Marla Stone, a light skinned woman with blonde hair looking at the camera with a serious expression

Marla Stone

Andrew W. Mellon Humanities Professor
A color photograph of the head and torso of an Asian woman; she tilts her head to the left while looking directly at the camera

Aliza Wong