Color photograph of several dozen people standing in rows as they pose in front of a Roman villa
The Rome staff of the American Academy in Rome, August 2023


The Academy is a private residential community located on the Janiculum Hill in Rome, Italy. AAR also maintains an office in New York, at 535 West 22nd Street in Chelsea, near the High Line.

New York Office

The Academy’s office in New York conducts the annual Rome Prize competition, maintains Trustee relations, and manages the Academy’s financing and fundraising efforts. The New York office also organizes the Rome Prize Ceremony and annual events that benefit the American Academy in Rome.


Peter N. Miller
pn.miller [at]


Siobhan O’Grady
Administrative Support Manager
s.ogrady [at]

Camila Saavedra
Executive Assistant to the President
c.saavedra [at]


Catie Heitz
archives [at]

Communications & Programs

Andrew Mitchell
Director of Communications
a.mitchell [at]

Shawn Miller
Program Director
s.miller [at]

Christopher Howard
Communications Manager
c.howard [at]

Jacob Rivers
Curatorial and Programs Manager
j.rivers [at]


Sally Benner
Chief Development Officer
s.benner [at]

Elizabeth Harris
Director of Development
e.harris [at]

Cristina Bianchi Nixon
Manager of Board Relations
c.bianchi [at]

Rachael Edmonston
Senior Operations Coordinator
r.edmonston [at]

Eve Orenstein
Senior Manager of Development, Special Events
e.orenstein [at]

Dinah Seiver
Special Projects
d.seiver [at]

Micah Trippe
Associate Director of Institutional Giving
m.trippe [at]


Tara Mia Paone
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
t.paone [at]

Franca Gaudio
f.gaudio [at]

Medalid Soto
Senior Accountant
m.soto [at]

Rome Office

A list of Rome office personnel by department is below.


Aliza Wong 
a.wong [at]


Sara Argentieri 
Deputy Director for Finance and Administration 
s.argentieri [at]

Anne Coulson 
Deputy Director for Programs and Fellowships
a.coulson [at]

Marina Lella 
Executive Assistant to the Director 
m.lella [at]


Marla Stone (1996 Fellow) 
Andrew W. Mellon Humanities Professor 
m.stone [at]

Ilaria Puri Purini 
Andrew Heiskell Arts Director 
i.puripurini [at]

Giulia Barra 
Stephen Kieran & James Timberlake Permissions Associate and Programs Associate 
g.barra [at]

Lexi Eberspacher 
Programs Associate for the Arts 
l.eberspacher [at]

Tina Cancemi 
Programs Associate for Special Events and External Affairs 
t.cancemi [at]

Laura Cabezas 
Communications Assistant [at]

Residential Services

Gianpaolo Battaglia 
Manager of Residential Life
g.battaglia [at]

Sofia Ekman 
Residential Life Associate
s.ekman [at]

Fabiana Ciccone 
Family Life Assistant
f.ciccone [at]

Claudia Tonetti 
Services Coordinator 
c.tonetti [at]


Inga Clausing 
Senior Development Officer 
i.clausing [at]


Fabrizio Lucati 
Senior Accountant 
f.lucati [at]

Giovanna Pazzini 
Senior Cashier
g.pazzini [at]

Library and Archives

Sebastian Hierl 
Drue Heinz Librarian 
s.hierl [at]

Paolo Brozzi 
Library Assistant 
p.brozzi [at]

Denise Gavio 
Assistant Librarian 
d.gavio [at]

Kristine Iara 
Classical Studies Librarian 
k.iara [at]

Paolo Imperatori 
Assistant Librarian 
p.imperatori [at]

Tina Mirra 
Acquisitions Assistant 
t.mirra [at]

Lavinia Ciuffa 
Curator, Photographic Archive 
l.ciuffa [at]

Valentina Follo 
Curator, Norton-Van Buren Archaeological Study Collection 
v.follo.ext [at]

Buildings and Maintenance

Tommaso Musa 
Head of Maintenance 
t.musa [at]

Giorgio Cei 
Cristophe Dell’Ospedale 
Fares Mountassir

Gate Reception

Luca Zamponi 
Head Gatekeeper 
l.zamponi [at]

Riccardo Palma 
r.palma [at]


Fabrizio Lambiti 
Head of Housekeeping 
f.lambiti [at]

Luana Di Marzio 
Wenura Manathrige 
Fabio Stocchi 
Elena Tinaburri


Alessandra Vinciguerra 
Bass Superintendent of Gardens 
a.vinciguerra [at]

Marco Casani 
Head Gardener, Villa Aurelia 
m.casani [at]

Luigi Cocozza 
Head Garden, MMW Building and Bass Garden
l.cocozza [at]

Bruno Crocicchia 
Enzo Donati 
Andrea Francini

Rome Sustainable Food Project

Fausto Ferraresi 
RSFP Head Chef 
f.ferraresi [at]

Sara Levi 
RSFP Sous Chef 
s.levi [at]

Giorgia Lauri 
g.lauri [at]

Valentina Montrone 
v.montrone [at]

Gabriel Soare 
g.soare [at]

Tiziana del Grosso 
Wait Staff 
t.delgrosso [at]

Alessandro Lima 
Wait Staff 
a.lima [at]

Andemariam Kidane 
a.kidane [at]

Tesfaldet Libsekal 
t.libsekal [at]

Tewolde Woldekidan 
t.woldekidan [at]

Villa Aurelia

Paola Gaetani 
Manager of Villa Aurelia
p.gaetani [at]

Dario Intorrella 
Assistant to the Manager 
d.intorrella [at]

Yvonne Wijemuni