Italian Fellowships

Color photograph of an archeological shelf filled with dusty amphorae and boxes
For 2023–24 Italian Fellowships in the humanities, the Academy invites applications from scholars working in ancient studies (photograph © Kirill Bodrov and licensed through Dreamstime)

The deadline for Italian Fellowships passed in February 2023, and all Italian Fellows have been selected for next season. The Academy will reopen the application portal in November 2023. Please check back for updated information and guidelines.


The American Academy in Rome offers three fellowships for Italian artists and scholars in 2023–24. The Italian Fellows are an integral part of the AAR community. Italian artists and scholars live and work in the Academy community, pursuing their own projects, participating in its collaborative, interdisciplinary environment, and helping make connections between Rome Prize Fellows and their Italian peers.

The Academy is particularly proud to host a fellowship sponsored by the Enel Foundation (architecture/landscape architecture) and the Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT (for an artist from or based in Piedmont).

Italian Fellows are required to live at the American Academy in Rome. All fellowships include a single room, board, and a stipend. Length of stay varies by the fellowship (see below).

The winners of Italian Fellowships will be announced both in Italy and in New York as part of the annual Rome Prize Ceremony, held in April.


For 2023–24, the Academy invites applications from scholars working in ancient studies. Any approach to this discipline or combination of approaches to this area will be given consideration, as will historical approaches that overlap with the social sciences. Candidates should address how they plan to make use of resources in Rome and at the Academy.

One postdoctoral fellowship in ancient studies will be awarded for the period of September 2023–July 2024. It will run for two months. The application deadline is February 10, 2023.


Candidates must have:

  • Italian citizenship (dual citizenship is also acceptable)
  • Completed their doctorate after 2017 (they should be within five years of obtaining the doctorate)
  • An excellent command of written and spoken English, which will be confirmed during the interview stage of the selection process


The application must be submitted online attaching the following materials:

  • A project proposal of no more than one thousand words, in English. The proposal must describe the purpose of the project, its relevance in the context of studies on the subject, the work already completed, and the type of publication envisioned for the end product (an article, a monograph, etc.). Please include bibliographic notes for the sources cited (notes will not count toward the maximum text length)
  • An example of scholarly writing. The text must relate to the proposed field of study and must not exceed twenty pages. Bibliography and notes (both required) will not be counted toward the maximum length of the text. The text can be in Italian or English
  • An updated curriculum vitae (in Italian or English)

The Academy will notify the candidate that the proposal has been received. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of jurists.


Two fellowships in the arts will be awarded for the period of September 2023–July 2024. Each will run for four months. Arts disciplines: architecture and landscape architecture (open to architects, urban designers, and landscape architects with an emphasis on those committed to environmental sustainability and innovation); and visual arts.

All candidates in architecture, landscape architecture, and visual arts must be nominated; unsolicited applications will not be accepted. All candidates will receive the guidelines on how to upload their material by December 20, 2022. The hard deadline to submit the material via an online system is February 10, 2023.