Color photograph of the head and shoulders of a light skinned woman with her dark hair tied back in a bun; she wears a dark shirt with prints of eyes on it and stands in front of a ceramic sculpture painted white

Ester Partegàs

Nancy B. Negley Rome Prize
September 2, 2022–July 14, 2023
Artist, New York
Project title
Breathing Structures
Project description

In Rome, I am interested in expanding my current sculptural work by exploring architectural and archeological sites that expose the legacy of the body in their structures (catacombs, portals, windows) and, in turn, discover structures that behave like bodies (that fall, lean against, push, embrace), tracing the sensual correspondence between places and their inhabitants. I will include aspects of a particular site into each sculpture, something that through research and speculation I can start to build a narrative from. The goal is to commence new works (completing at least one or two and planning several others) that will function as a catalogue of physical sensations in urban space, a sculptural remapping of the city according to its sensualities.