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A comprehensive list of journals on archaeology available at the AAR, both on subscription and open access

Issued by the Norwegian Institute in Rome. On  all aspects of Mediterranean archaeology and art history. Open access to newest issues (and to several older issues).  

Access to v.84 (2013) to v.86 (2015) (AAR only). The volumes prior to 2013 are available at the library.

Issued by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Focuses on excavations, finds, and problems from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages. Open access.

Focusing on archaeology in combination with other disciplines (history, history of sciences and technology, architecture, art history). Issued by the ŁTN Research Center in Łódź, Poland. Open access.

Issued by the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Berlin. Open access (with moving wall).

An international journal of landscape archaeology. Access to v.1 (2004) to v.16 (2019) (AAR only).

ANMED: News of Archaeology from Anatolia’s Mediterranean Areas and ADALYA: The Annual of the Suna and İnan Kıraç Research Institute on Mediterranean Civilizations are both issued by AKMED (Suna and İnan Kıraç Research Institute on Mediterranean Civilizations). Open access.

AAR only. Access also via JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall). The AJA book reviews are open access.

This website has published a list of links to open-access journals in ancient studies (and also many other links).

Access via JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall). More recent volumes are available in the AAR Library.

Issued, since 1914, by the Scuola Archeologica Italiana in Atene. Special focus on ancient Greece, prehistory to Byzantine times (archaeology, architecture, topography, art history, history, epigraphy and more). Open access.

Antaeus : Communicationes ex Instituto Archaeologico Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae. Archaeology, especially of the Pannonian region, in pre-Roman and Roman times, the Migration Period, Early Middle Ages. Issued by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Open acces with moving wall. 

Access via JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall). More recent volumes are available in the AAR Library.

Antike Welt presents things worth knowing from all areas of archaeology and cultural history, with a main focus on the classical world. Access via JSTOR (with moving wall, AAR only). The Library has all volumes to v.41 (2010).

Issued by the Society of Antiquaries of London, the Antiquaries Journal aims to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the study of material culture, publishing papers from all periods, from prehistory to the recent past. It addresses research questions from a variety of perspectives, combining, for example, historical, art historical, architectural, linguistic, archaeological, and scientific data. AAR only; the older volumes are available in the Library.

Published by the Museo Histórico Municipal de Priego de Córdoba. Open access with moving wall. 

On the history and archaeology of North Africa, protohistory to Arabic conquest. Full text online, v.52 (2016) to present (AAR only) ; open access (with moving wall) via persée.

Access to v.84 (2010)–v.89 (2015) (AAR only). The volumes prior to 2010 are available at the Library.

A bibliographical bulletin on the field of ancient wall painting, published by the AIPMA (Association Internationale pour la Peinture Murale Antique).

Excavation reports, conference proceedings on archaeology, and classical art in Turkey. Full text online access from v.1 (1983) to the present.

Archaeologia maritima mediterranea : An International Journal on Underwater Archaeology publishes on, around and within the sphere related to underwater archaeology (finds and findings, excavation techniques, research methods, protection of sites, legislation, etc.). Full text online v.1 (2004) to v.16 (2019) (AAR only).

Publishes on archaeological investigations (from prehistory to industrial archaeology, with a special focus on classical archaeology) carried out in Italy by foreign universities and research institutions. Access to v.1 ( 2003) to v.18 (2020) (AAR only).

Issued by the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies. To access the most recent volumes (AAR only), click here. To access via JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall), click here.

On textiles of all epochs. Issued by the CTR (Centre for Textile Research) in Copenhagen. Open access.

Archaeology: Approaches, Methods, Theories

Journals on methodologies, theories, different approaches, material culture, anthropology, sociology, etc., all accessible via JSTOR (with moving wall, AAR only): Acta Sociologica ; American Anthropologist ; Annales. Histoire, Sciences sociales ; Annual Review of Anthropology ; Anthropologica ; Anthropology Today ; Archives de sciences sociales des religions ; Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie ; Cambridge Journal of Anthropology ; Civilisations ; Comparative Studies in Society and History ; Cultural Anthropology ; Current Anthropology ; Dialectical Anthropology ; Historical Archaeology ; Historische Sozialforschung (Historical Social Research) ; L'Homme ; International Journal of Historical Archaeology ; JAR (Journal of Anthropological Research) ; Journal of Anthropology ; Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory ; Journal of Archaeological Research ; Journal of Ritual Studies ; Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (click here to access v.37 (1907)-v.95 (1965) and here to access the volumes beginning with v.1 (1995), with moving wall) ; Man ; Material Culture ; RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics ; Signs and Society (v.1 (2013)-v.3 (2015) and here for all volumes) ; Social Analysis: The International Journal of Social and Cultural Practice ; Sociological Methodology ; Sociological Theory ; and World Archaeology.

Access to v.39 (1997) to v.62 (2020) (AAR only). The volumes prior to 1997 are available at the Library.

Focusing on underwater archaeology, from prehistoric to modern times. Open access thru persée (with moving wall) ; full text online to recent volumes : AAR only.

Published by the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), focusing on most recent research and excavations. Open access to recent volumes.

On theoretical and methodological aspects of computing and information technologies applied to archaeology. Issued by the CNR, Istituto di Scienze del patrimonio culturale together with the Dipartimento di archeologia e storia dell'arte. Open access. See also the special issues and the supplements, open access as well. 

ArcheoLogica Data publishes contributions in the form of a dataset accompanied by an article, without chronological or territorial limitations. Aims to contribute to the sharing of “raw archaeological data”—from excavations, surveys, remote sensing, and more). Open access.

Archeologie sperimentali : Temi, metodi, ricerche focuses specifically on experimental methods in archaeology, privileging research fields such as archaeology of production, history of technology and of cratfs and industries. Issued by Università degli studi di Torino. Open access.

At the crossroad between the disciplines of archaeology and social siences, across the epochs. Every issue has a thematic focus. Open access. 

Revue d'archéometrie. Issued by the G.M.P.C.A (Groupe des Méthodes Pluridisciplinaires Contribuant à l'Archéologie). Free access with moving wall. Accessible also thru persée.

Archeostorie: Journal of Public Archaeology (AJPA) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that provides Italy with an arena to discuss issues such as the management and communication of heritage and the role of archaeology into contemporary society.

Issued by the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. Open access to volumes beginning with v.64 (1991). The Library has all volumes.

Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Special focus on the Black Sea region and on Scythians. Open access. Click here to access the post-2016 volumes, and here for volumes 1947-2016.

Issued by the Università degli Studi di Milano. Open access.

Issued by Ege Universitesi, Izmir. Open access to volumes 1 (1991)–6 (1999).

Issued by the CSIC and the Universidad del País Vasco.

Open access, focusing on all aspects of the ancient Mediterranean; some thematic issues. Published by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

‘Atiqot has been published since 1955, first by the Israel Department of Antiquities and Museums (IDAM) and since 1990 by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). The articles are not confined to a specific range of periods or topics, but to a geographical area—Israel—that has been influenced by almost every ancient culture that existed in the Levant. Access through JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall: 1955-90 and v.20 (1991)- ) and through the IAA site (v.50 [2005] to the present). The Library owns all volumes.

Access to volumes 69 (1994) to the present (AAR only). The volumes prior to 1994 are available at the AAR Library.

Bibliotheca Orientalis is a quadrimonthly journal, issued by the Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten, containing reviews and bibliographical data on books published on the ancient and modern Near East. The AAR Library’s online subscription covers volumes 54 (1997) to 77 (2020); older volumes are available in the Library.

Issued by the Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo. Open access to all volumes.

Open access to the Studi e ricerche and to the Materiali. The Library holds all the previous volumes in print as well as the monographic supplements.

On classical archaeology and ancient history ; excavation reports ; regional archaeology and review articles. Issued by the LVR-Landesmuseum Bonn, Germany. Open access with moving wall.

Access via JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall).

The BAEFE publishes news, excavation reports, archaeological data and research articles from the EFA (École Française d'Athènes), the EFR (École française de Rome), the IFAO (Institut français d'archéologie orientale), the EFEO (École fançaise d'Extrême-Orient) and the Casa de Velázquez, united within the ResEFE (Réseau des Écoles françaises à l'étranger). Open access. 

Founded in 1887 by the Association Pro Aventico, the journal publishes on all aspects related to Avenches in Roman times (Aventicum). Free access with moving wall.

The Bulletin de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale focuses on Egypt up to late antiquity. Click here to access most recent volumes (AAR only) or here for open access to older volumes.

Access via CUP (also newest volumes) and via JSTOR, with moving wall (AAR only).

BHA, inaugurated over 20 years ago, publishes on the histories of archaeologies (all aeras and all epochs), including also intersections with related histories, such as those of collecting, colonialism, exploration, fieldwork, heritage and museums. Open access.

One of the most important journals on the archaeology of the city of Rome. Access via JSTOR with moving wall, beginning with volume 82 (1970). Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg provides access to volume 1 (1872) to volume 53 (1925). The AAR Library owns the complete run.

Byrsa: Rivista di Arte, Cultura e Archeologia del Mediterraneo focuses on Punic antiquities. Access to more recent issues (AAR only); the earlier volumes are available in the Library.

CAA : Journal of Computer Applications in Archaeology focuses on the application and development of digital technologies in archaeology, such as 3D modelling, spatial analysis, remote sensing, geophysics, semantic web and more. Open access.

Issued by the Institución Fernando el Católico (Zaragoza). Free online access to some of the volumes.

On the archaeology and the history of Cyprus. Issued by the CEC (Centre d'Études Chypriotes). Access thru persée : open access with moving wall.

Access to v.7 (1997) to v.27 (2017) (AAR only). The volumes prior to 1997 are available at the Library.

Issued by the Società Scientifica 'Scuola archeologica italiana di Cartagine'. Open access. 

The École française de Rome publishes the preliminary results of its teams’ excavations in this electronic journal.

CLARA : Classical Art and Archaeology is a broad-scoped journal that covers a wide range of topics of classical antiquity. Issued by the Museum of Cultural History at the Universiy of Oslo. Open access. 

On classical art and the classics at the intersection with contemporanean art & culture, and reception and influence. Open access. 

Issued by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Free access.

Access via JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall).

Issued by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona. Free access with moving wall.

Dissertationes Archaeologicae ex Instituto Archaeologico Universitatis de Rolando Eötvös Nominatae (Budapest). Papers from the Institute of Archaeological Sciences. Open access to ser. I v.1 (1958)-v.10 (1969), ser. II v.1 (1972)-v.13 (1987) and ser. III v.1 (2013) to present.


Eidola : International Journal of Classical Art History focuses on archaic and classical Greece and the urban and provincial Roman world. It also welcomes essays on subjects in other areas of antiquity, acknowledging the continuity of an ancient figurative tradition which greatly influenced the production of images long after the empire ended. The Library's subscription ends with v.17 (2020). The volumes are available in the Library, too.

Issued by the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya. Prior to 1983: Ampúrias. Free access to all volumes.

Issued by the Institute for Etruscan and Italic Studies at New York University.

Issued by the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Open access. 

Issued by the Mediterranean Archaeological Society, Rethymno, Crete. On classical archaeology, epigraphy, numismatics, with particular interest in ancient Greece. Open access.

Ex novo : Journal of archaeology, encompasses prehistory to modern period and focuses specifically on the multiple relations between archaeology and society, with an interdisciplinary approach, engaging with theoretical developments from disciplines such as history, anthropology, political sciences, philosophy, social sciences, and colonial studies. Open access.

EXARC Journal publishes since 2004 on archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology and ancient technology. Open access.

FACTA : A Journal of Late Roman, Medieval and Post-Medieval Material Culture Studies promotes the publication of research results in post-classical archaeology, from Late Antiquity to contemporary age. Topics range from archeology and production history to trade and consumption, including fields as environmental archeology, bio-archeology and archaeometry. AAR only.

FOLD&R (shortened from Fasti On Line Documents & Research) is an archaeological journal published since 2004 by the International Association for Classical Archaeology (AIAC) in collaboration with the Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali.

Fornvännen is published by the Kungliga Vitterhetsakademien (Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities) and focused on Scandinavian archeology and medieval research. 

Issued by the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (German Archaeological Institute). On all aspects of data processing, digital technologies and infrastructure developed for and applied in archaeological research. Open access. 

On issues such as the political and the ethical dimensions of archaeology, on questioning of archaeological truth claims, on demands for the return of cultural property, and else ; further, on critiques of ideology and discourse analyses, that include critiques of androcentrism, heteronormativity, and colonial discourse. Open access.

Issued by the MNAT, the Museu Nacional Arqueològic de Tarragona, Spain (v.1 (1986)-v.13 (2007)). On history and archaeology of Roman Tarragona -- Tarraco -- and the Ager Tarraconensis, its territory. Open access. 

Twice a year, researchers are invited (see cfp) to discuss the theme of the border (e.g. : "Exceeding the border", "Imagining the border", "Materializing the border", "Investing (in) the frontier" and more). Spans protohistory, classical antiquity and the middle ages and their reception. Open access. 

On archaeology and history of France, from the Iron Age to Roman times to the end of the Merovingian kingdom. Issued by the CNRS. To access the most recent volumes, click here or access thru persée (open access with moving wall). The Library has the more recent volumes. Check also Gallia préhistoire, for the archaeology of France in prehistoric times up to the Bronze Age (most recent volumes or access thru persée with moving wall).

Groma : documenting archaeolgy is focusing particularly on Mediterranean archaeology and to specific methodological aspects such as archaeological documentation and landscape archaeology. Issued by the Department of History and Cultures (DISCI) of the University of Bologna. Open access.

Issued by the Archäologisches Seminar at the Universittät of Bern, Switzerland, and focusing on classical archaeology and the history of classical art. Click here to access v.1 (1975) to v.21 (2009), also available in the Library. Beginning with v.22 (2017) online only, as HASBonline

On history and archaeology of the ancient world. Published from v.1 (2008) to v.8 (2005) by the Asociación Interdisciplinar de Historia y Arqueología del Mediterráneo Herakleion. Open access. 

IANSA : Interdisciplinaria archaeologica : Natural Sciences in Archaeology focuses on bioarchaeology, geoarchaeology, dating methods in archaeology and computational archaeology. Open access.

Issued by the Archaeological Institute of Albania, focusing on archaeology and history of Illyria. Free access thru persée (with moving wall).

AAR only. The Library’s subscription to online content covers v.26 (1997) to v.49 (2020). Volumes prior to 1997 are available in the Library.

Hosted by the Department of Archaeology at the University of York. Open access. See also supplemental publications ('e-monographs').

On Italian prehistory and protohistory. Issued by the Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civiltà, Università di Bologna. Open access.

Iran is the journal of the British Institute of Persian Studies. Older volumes are available thru JSTOR (AAR only) or in the library.

Iraq is published on behalf of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq. Issues prior to 2011 are available at JSTOR and in the Library.

Research articles and shorter notes pertaining to the Museum's permanent collection of antiquities, decorative arts, drawings, illuminated manuscripts, paintings, photographs, sculpture and more. Published by the J. Paul Getty Trust . Access thru JSTOR (v.1 (1974)-v.96 (1996), AAR only).

Issued by the RGZM, Mainz (Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum). Palaeolithicum to Early Middle Ages in Europe. Open access. 

JCAA focuses on the application and development of digital technologies in archaeology, featuring papers in all the related disciplines, including, but not restricted to, 3D modelling, spatial analysis, remote sensing, geophysics, field recording techniques, databases, semantic web, statistics, data mining, simulation modelling, network analysis and digital reconstructions of the past. 

Focusing on both prehistoric and historic periods of the Eastern Mediterranean, spanning thus three continents and bringing together Greece and the Aegaean, Anatolia, the Levant, Cyprus, Egypt and North Africa. Access thru JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall). 

On archaeological research worldwide, with no restriction regarding time period or cultural region, with a focus on the results of research in the laboratory, the survey region, or excavation. The Library's subscription ends with v.40 (2015). Available also thru JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall), or in the Library, beginning with v.1 (1974).

JHP : A journal dedicated to the research of ceramics and objects of daily use of the Hellenistic period in the Mediterranean region and beyond. Open access. 

Open access. Specific focus on interculturality in the ancient world.

The Journal of Maritime Archaeology is an international journal addressing all aspects of maritime archaeology, both terrestrial and underwater. Access thru JSTOR (with moving wall, AAR only).

Free access to a few volumes.

The JMR, issued by the Uludag University Mosaic Research Centre (Turkey), publishes on Greek, Roman, and Byzantine mosaics of Turkey in particular, on mosaics throughout the classical world in general. Open access.

JNES publishes on the civilizations of the Near East from prehistory to the end of the Ottoman period in 1922, embraings a uniquely broad scope of time, place, and topic (Assyriology, Egyptology, Hittitology, Hebrew Bible, and allied ancient studies, as well as a second area of emphasis in early, medieval, and early-modern Islamic studies). Accessible also thru JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall).

The Journal of Open Archaeology Data features peer-reviewed data papers describing archaeology datasets with high reuse potential. The editorial team works with a number of specialist and institutional data repositories to ensure that the associated data are professionally archived, preserved, and openly available. Equally importantly, the data and the papers are citable, and reuse is tracked.

The Library's online subscription starts with v.26 (2013). All volumes are available in the Library.

Publishes on the literatures and civilizations of the Near East, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Inner Asia, the Far East and the Islamic World, including fields of research such as Arab music, Persian cuneiform, and of Buddhism in India, and more. AAR only ; access also thru JSTOR (with moving wall, AAR only).

Free access thru the Museio Benaki. The journal contains research relating to the objects in the Museum's collections and annual reports on the activities of the Museum's research departments.

The Journal of Urban Archaeology is the first dedicated scholarly journal to recognize urban archaeology as a field within its own right. On the archaeology of urban societies and networks in all parts of the world and across all periods of time. Open access.

Focusing on prehistory, including the beginnings and early development of complex societies. Open access. 

Publishes research in archaeology and history on North Africa in ancient times. AAR only. All volumes are accessible in the Library.

Layers : Archeologia Territorio Contesti with a special focus on landscape archaeology. See also the supplements and the Quaderni. Issued by the Università degli Studi di Cagliari. Open access.

Issued by the Association for Coroplastic Studies (ACoSt). Open access.

Covers a broad range of subjects regarding Libya, including archaeology, ancient and Islamic history, geology, geography and social sciences. AAR only. Available also in the Library, including the older volumes.

Issued by the Universidad de Alicante. On prehistory, ancient history and archaeology, with special focus on the Iberian Peninsula. Open access. 

Issued by the University of the Aegean, Greece, to 2020 and by Henan University, Kaifeng, China, since 2020. Open access. 

The Library's subscription covers v.1 (2009) to v.11 (2019). Publishes on all aspects of archaeology and history of all the countries that look out upon the Mediterranean Sea.

Australian and New Zealand Journal for Mediterranean archaeology. Access thru JSTOR (without moving wall).

Click here to access the newer issues (AAR only). Accessible also thru persée (open access, with moving wall). See also the Chronique des activités archéologiques de l’École française de Rome, the yearly excavation reports of the EFR (open access). The Library has all volumes as well as the monographic series Collection de l’Ecole fançaise de Rome.

An international journal for the study of ancient pavements and wall revetments in their decorative and architectural context. Full text online (AAR only), v.1 (2004)-v.14 (2017).

Access via CUP to current issues (AAR only); access via JSTOR (with moving wall, AAR only).

Nouvelles de l’Archéologie presents the main trends and challenges facing archaeology in France and abroad. Each issue includes information on the latest scientific policies, on archaeological teaching and training, on the organization and undertaking of research, and on funding and employment opportunities. Further, it publishes information on various meetings and congresses and on issues relating to the preservation and presentation of the archaeological heritage, including publications, audiovisual productions, internet sites, and other means of communication. In addition, every other issue contains a special thematic section. AAR only.

Issued by the Universidad de Huelva.

Open Archaeology is a peer-reviewed, electronic-only journal that publishes original research on all aspects of archaeology without any geographical or temporal restrictions. The journal encompasses novel, interdisciplinary approaches to archaeological data including archaeological science, theory, and interpretation as well as archaeological heritage management and promotion.

Focusing on all aspects of classical civilization, issued by the Università di Perugia. Open access.

Published at University of Oxford. Covers the whole range of archaeology, from Palaeolithic to medieval times. Full text online (AAR only), v.16 (1997)-v.36 (2007). The volumes prior to 1997 are available in the Library

Issued by the Archaeological Institute of the University of Groningen, Palaeohistoria focuses on material culture, excavation results, surveys, and coring campaigns.

PEQ is concerned not just with Palestine/the land of Israel, but with the wider region of the Levant (history, archaeology -- including biblical aspects --, art, languages, natural and earth ethnology, geography and more. The Library's online subscription covers v.129 (1997) to present ; older volumes are held by the Library.

Issued by the BSR (British School at Rome). Publishes work related to the archaeology, history and literature of Italy and other parts of the Mediterranean area up to modern times. Access thru JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall). The more recent volumes are available in the Library

The European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies (PCA) is an independent, international, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the communication of postclassical research.

Pegasus: Berliner Beiträge zum Nachleben der Antike (issued by Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance) covers research in all disciplines focusing on the classical tradition and the reception and adaption of classical antiquity. 

Issued by the Dipartimento di Lettere e Beni Culturali dell'Università degli Studi della Campania 'Luigi Vanvitelli'. See also the Quaderni (supplemental volumes with thematic focus). Open access.

Pontica, the annual journal of the Museum of National History and Archaeology at Constantza (MINAC), has been published without interruption since 1968. The focus is on the archaeology and the history of the classical world, especially in the Black Sea area.

Issued by the Departamento de Ciências e Técnicas do Patrimonio at Universidade do Porto. On the archaeology and history of Portugal. Open access. 

Issued by the Società Friulana di Archeologia. Open access.

Radiocarbon is the international journal of record for technical and interpretive articles and date lists relevant to 14C and other radioisotopes and techniques used in archaeological, geophysical, oceanographic, and related dating. Radiocarbon is published by the University of Arizona (via the Arizona Board of Regents) in partnership with Cambridge University Press.

Regional Archaeology: Adriatic Coast, Istria

Several fully or partly open access journals focusing on the archaeology and history of the Adriatic Sea region and the bordering areas : Annales Instituti Archaeologici (Zagreb) ; ; Archaeologia Adriatica (Zadar) ; Atti (Centro di ricerche storiche, Rovigno) ; Diadora (Archaeological Museum, Zadar) ; Histria archaeolgica (Archaeological Museum of Istria, Pula) ; Journal of Dalmatian archaeology & history (Archaeological Museum, Split) ; MHM = Miscellanea Hadriatica et Mediterranea (Department of History, University of Zadar) ; Prilozi (Institue of Archaeology, University of Zagreb) ; Vjesnik : Archeological Museum Zagreb ; [...]

Regional Archaeology: Ancient Near East, Levant

ADAJ (Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan) ; Aegypten und die Levante = Egypt and the Levant ; Archaeology & History in Lebanon ; Archaeology in Jordan ; AsiAnA (Asia Anteriore Antica : Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Cultures) ; ’Atiqot : Publication of the Israel Antiquities Authority ; Aula Orientalis : Revista de estudio del Próximo Oriente Antiguo ; Avar : An interdisciplinary Journal of Life and Society in the Ancient Near East ; BABELAO (Bulletin de l’ABELAO = Bulletin de l’Académie Belge pour l’Étude des Langues Anciennes et Orientales) ; BFSA Bulletin of the British Foundation for the Study of Arabia ; Bioarchaeology of the Ancient Near East ; Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research; East and West ; Egitto e Vicino Oriente ; Estudios Orientales : Cuadernos monograficos de Historia del Proximo Oriente Antiguo ; Hadashot Arkheologiyot : Excavations and Surveys in Israel ; IFAO Rapports d’activités annuels ; Iran ; Iranian Journal of Archaeological Studies ; Iraq ; JANES : Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society ; Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology ; Journal of Near Eastern Studies ; Journal of the American Oriental Society ; Journal of the General Union of Arab Archaeologists ; Jordan Journal for History and Archaeology ; Mélanges de l’Université Saint-Joseph ; Near Eastern Archaeology ; NIB (Nāme-ye Īrān-e Bāstān) ; Palestine Exploration Quarterly ; Persica antiqua ; QVO (Quaderni di Vicino Oriente) ; Revista del Istituto de Historia Antigua Oriental ; SHAJ (Studies in the history and archaeology of Jordan) ; Strata (The Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society) ; Syria : Archéologie, art et histoire ; TAU Archaeology ; Vicino Oriente ; ZDMG (Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft) [...]

Regional Archaeology: Black Sea Area

Archaeology and Early History of Ukraine ; Arheologia ; Bulgarian e-Journal of Archaeology ; Dacia ; KAREN : The Journal of the Institute of Black Sea Studies ; MAIASP : Proceedings in archaeology and history of ancient and medieval Black Sea region ; Materiale şi cercetări arheologice ; Peuce ; Pontica ; [...]. See also the volumes in the monographic series BSS (Black Sea Studies, issued by the Danish National Research Foundation's Centre for Black Sea Studies) and the site Bibliotheca Chersonessitana that offers specialized literature for download.

Regional Archaeology: Danube Provinces & Balkan region

Acta musei Napocensis ; Acta musei Porolissensis ; Aquincumi füzetek (excavations and archaeological research in Budapest area) ; Archaeological discoveries and excavations plus earlier volumes (Bulgaria) ; Archaeological excavations and research plus earlier voumes (Bulgaria) ; Archaeology plus earlier volumes (Bulgaria) ; Dacia ; Iliria (plus monographic volumes) ; JAHA (Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology) ; Novensia ; Numismatics, sigillography and epigraphy plus earlier volumes (Bulgaria) ; Saš (Studia academica šumenensia) [...]

Regional Archaeology: Egypt (in Greco-Roman times)

Aegyptus (JSTOR, AAR only with with moving wall, and newer issues, AAR only) ; BIFAO (older issues open access, recent issues AAR only) ; IWNW (open access) ; JARCE (Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt (JSTOR, AAR only, with moving wall) ; JEA (The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, JSTOR, AAR only, with moving wall) ; Shedet (open access) ; [...]

Regional Archaeology: Greece

Some journals focusing on the archaeology and the history of ancient Greece: [...] ; AE (Archaiologikē Ephēmeris) ; the Annual of the BSA (JSTOR with moving wall) ; Annuario della Scuola Archeologica di Atene e delle Missioni Italiane in Oriente ; Anthemon (issued by the Friends of the Akropolis) ; AURA (Athens University Review of Archaeology plus the supplements) ; the monographic series BAE (Vivliothēkē tēs en Athēnais Archaiologikēs Hetaireias) ; Ergon ; Hesperia ; the Journal of the Benaki Museum ; Karanos : Bulletin of Ancient Macedonian Studies ; Mentōr ; PAE (Praktika tēs en Athēnais Archaiologikēs Hetaireias) ; Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens ; Teiresias : Online review and bibliography on Boiotian Studies (click here for older issues 1971-2021) ; Tekmeria ; The Acropolis Restoration Newsletter ; Themata archaiologias [...].

Regional Archaeology: Iberian Peninsula & Canary Islands

Almogaren ; Anales de Arquelogía Cordobesa ; Annals de l’Institut d’Estudis Empordanesos ; Antiquitas (Museo Histórico Municipal, Priego de Córdoba) ; Archivo Español de Arqueología ; Arqueología y Territorio ; Boletín del Museo Arqueológico Nacional (Madrid) ; Bulletí arqueològic : Reial Societat Arqueològica Tarraconense ; Caesaraugusta ; Complutum ; Conimbriga ; Cuadernos de Arquelogia Mediterranea ; Empúries ; Fòrum ; Iberia ; nailos : estudios interdisciplinares de arqueología ; Portugalia ; Pyrenae ; Revista portuguesa de arqueologia ; Saguntum : papeles del Laboratorio de Arqueología de Valencia ; Saldvie : Estudios de prehistoria y arqueología ; SEBarc : Sylloge epigraphica Barcinonensis ; Trabajos de arqueología Navarra ; Treballs d'arqueologia [...].

Regional Archaeology: North Africa

Antiquités africaines (AAR only to most recent volumes and also persée with moving wall) ; Bulletin d’archéologie algérienne ; Bulletin d’archéologie marocaine ; Cartagine: Studi e ricerche ; Karthago ; Libyan Studies ; [...]

Regional Archaeology: Provinces, Northwest

Several journals on archaeological work and excavations in Rome's Northwest provinces (open access or access with moving wall) : Archäologie im Rheinland ; Archäologie in Deutschland ; Archäologie in Westfalen-Lippe ; Archäologische Nachrichten aus Baden ; Archäologisches Korrespondenzblatt ; Aremorica : Etudes sur l'ouest de la Gaule romaine ; Ausgrabungen und Funde in Westfalen-Lippe ; Bericht der Römisch-Germanischen Kommission ; Bonner Jahrbücher ; Britannia ; Fundberichte aus Baden-Württemberg ; Funde und Ausgrabungen im Bezirk Trier ; Gallia and its supplements ; Gallia préhistoire and its supplements ; Germania ; Limes (Das Nachrichtenblatt der Deutschen Limeskommission) ; Trierer Zeitschrift [...]

Regional Archaeology: Switzerland

Some journals focusing on archaeolgy and ancient history in Switzerland : Archäologie Bern (= Annuaire du Service archéologique du canton Berne) and its predecessor Archäologie im Kanton Bern : Fundberichte und Aufsätze (= Archéologie dans le canton de Berne : chronique archéologique et textes) ; Archäologie Graubünden plus Sonderhefte ; AS: Archäologie Schweiz : Mitteilungsblatt von Archäologie Schweiz (= Archéologie Suisse : Bulletin d'Archéologie Suisse = Archeologia Svizzera : Bollettino di Archeologia Svizzera) and its predecessor Archäologie der Schweiz (= Archéologie suisse = Archeologia svizzera) ; Archäologie und Denkmalpflege im Kanton Solothurn ; Bollettino dell'Associazione archeologica ticinese ; Bulletin de l'Association Pro Aventico ; CAF = FHA (Cahiers d'archéologie fribourgeoise = Freiburger Hefte für Archäologie) ; Genava: revue d'histoire de l'art et d'archéologie ; Magazin Augusta Raurica [...]

Regional Archaeology: Turkey and Asia Minor

Some journals focusing on the material culture of Turkey & Asia Minor in classical times: ADALYA (The Annual of the is the Suna & İnan Kıraç Research Institute on Mediterranean Civilisations) ; Amisos ; Anadolu-Anatolia ; Anadolu Araştırmaları Dergisi (issued by Istanbul University) ; Anatolia antiqua (issued by the IFEA, the Institut français d’études anatoliennes ; issues prior to 2014 are accessible thru persée) ; Anatolica (with moving wall, by the Netherlands Institute for the Near East in Leiden) ; ANMED (News of Archaeology from Anatolia’s Mediterranean Areas) ; Araştırma Sonuçları Toplantısı ; Archivum Anatolicum ; Arkeoloji Dergisi (Ege Universitesi, Izmir, several volumes) ; Arkeometri Sonuçları Toplantıları ; Arkhaia Anatolika ; Cedrus ; Gephyra ; Heritage Turkey (issued by the British Institute at Ankara) ; Istanbuler Mitteilungen (issued by the DAI, open access beginning with v.72 (2002)) ; Kazı Sonuçları Toplantısı (Annual archaeological reports published by the Turkish ministry of Culture) ; Müze Çalışmaları ve Kurtarma Kazıları Sempozyumu ; Olba ; Seleucia ; TARE : Journal of the Turkish Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage ; TINA : Maritime archaeology periodical ; [...]

Issued by the (Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum (RGZM), Mainz, and the Archäologische Staatssammlung München (Bavarian State Archaeological Collection, Munich). Open access. 

On conservation and valorisation of all kinds of endangered, neglected, ruined architectural structures; further focusing on methods and approaches of study of and intervention on architectural heritage in archaeological contexts. Issued by the Università degli Studi di Firenze. Open access. 

Aiming at covering all aspects of Greek and Roman material culture. Publishes articles, excavation reports, notes, and reviews. Accessible thru JSTOR with moving wall (AAR only) ; and thru cairn (with moving wall). The Library owns the full run, including the more recent volumes. 

On the archaeology of the Vesuvian Area, with special focus on Pompeii. Access via JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall) ; more recent volumes are available in the Library. 

Published by the DAI since 1829, the RM focuses on the archaeology, art and architecture of the ancient cultures of the Italic peninsula and surrounding regions. Open access beginning with v.127 (2021), previous volumes will be added subsequently. The Library owns all volumes.

Sicilia antiqua : An international journal of archaeology focuses entirely on Sicily, acknowledging its eminent role in ancient times, an intersection of goods, people and cultures due to its geographical centrality. It publishes on Sicily’s archaeology, material culture, history of art, of religion and more, from prehistory to late antiquity. Full text online (AAR ony) v.1 (2004)-v.16 (2019).

On all epochs and cultures : focuses on topics, methods and approaches such as : airborne remote sensing, geophysical techniques and imaging ; biological and biochemical approaches ; computational analyses ; forensic archaeology ; heritage studies and conservation methods ; spatial analyses and GIS ; underwater archaeological methods and more. Open access. 

Edited by the Chair of Ancient History and Archaeology at the Faculty of History at "Alexandru Ioan Coza" University of Iaşi. Open access. 

Focusing on the study of the material culture of antiquity, on relations between the Mediterranean and Central Europe, on the traditions of ancient art in European culture, and other related phenomena. Issued by the Institute of Classical Archaeology at the Univerzita Karlova, Prague.

Issued by the Institute of Archaeology at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Open access with moving wall.

Bollettino del Centro Studi Archeologici di Boscoreale, Boscotrecase e Trecase.

Published since 1920 by the Institut français du Proche-Orient, on ancient Syria (including the current states Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and Palestinian Territories). The covered chronological period runs from the prehistory until the Muslim conquest. Some issues are dedicated to specific topics. Free access to some, but not all, volumes, including the supplements. Access also thru persée (with moving wall) and JSTOR (AAR only, with moving wall). The Library has the full run. 

Issued by the Dutch Archaeological and Historical Society, publishes in the fields of Mediterranean archaeology, the Ancient Near East and ancient history. Open access with moving wall. 

Technè : La science au service de l’histoire et de l’art de la préservation des biens culturels, issued by the C2RMF (Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France), on the intersection of research in humanities and applied science. Open access to more recent volumes.

The Archaeologist is the journal issued by the CIfA (Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, UK). The CIfA publishes an Annual Review and a Yearbook, too.

The geographic focus of the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal (TRAJ) is the whole of the Roman world, including areas beyond the frontiers where Roman influence was evident; its temporal scope is from the Bronze Age to the late antique period. TRAJ provides a venue for innovative and interdisciplinary research in the field of Roman archaeology, promoting the use of theoretical approaches to the Roman past. The proceedings of the TRAC conferences are accessible here; the AAR Library holds all volumes.

Dealing with all aspects of classical art and architecture, throughout the Mediterranean. Open access.

Issued by the Turkish Foundation for Underwater Archaeology, with the aim to introduce the archaeological riches of Turkey and its seas to the world public and scientific institutions.

Issued by A.T.P.G. (Archaeological Traces Project Group), an archaeological collective based in Rome. Mainly pre- and protohistory. Open access. 

Issued by the CEPAP (Center d'Estudis de l'Archeologique du Prehistoria) and the Department of Prehistory, the Department of Ancient and Middle Ages Sciences and the CORE in Cultural Heritage of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Open access.

Underwater & martitime archaeology : some journals

Archaeologia maritima mediterranea (v.1 (2004)–v.16 (2019), AAR only) ; Archaeonautica (to access v.1 (1977)–v.18 (2014) : click here ; to access most recent volumes (AAR only) : click here) ; Inernational journal of natutical archaeology (v.26 (1997)–v.49 (2020), AAR only) ; Journal of maritime archaeology (AAR only, with moving wall).

VAR, issued by the Universitat Politècnica de València, focuses on digital representation of historical heritage objects, buildings and landscapes thru 3D acquisition, digital recording and interactive and immersive tools for analysis, interpretation, dissemination and communication purposes by means of multidimensional geometric properties and visual computational modelling. Open access.

West & East : Rivista della Scuola di Specializzazione in Beni Archeologici. Issued by the Università degli Studi di Trieste (open access). See also the monographic supplements.

Workshop di archeologia classica : paesaggi, costruzioni, reperti has been published from 2004 to 2009, on all aspects of Greek and Roman archaeology. Full text online, AAR only.


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