Color photograph of a light skinned man with brown hair and beard sitting in an easy chair in the middle of a forest and looking directly at the camera

Alessandro Mulazzani

Enel Foundation Italian Fellow in Architecture, Urban Design, and Landscape Architecture
September 5–December 23, 2022
Landscape Architect, Venice
Project title
The Sea of Rome: A Quest for a Coastal Sustainable Landscape
Project description

The coastal landscape of Rome appears to be rather neglected, despite its wealth of surviving natural habitats and historical heritage. This project aims to understand the reasons for this disregard and to portray how the coast of such an iconic city faces the challenges of sustainability. Research methodologies will be mixed, integrating a scientific approach with a more creative and sensitive one. Walking explorations, exchanges with other Academy fellows, and interviews with stakeholders will provide the material for an exhibition within the Academy’s premises, accompanied by a monograph.

The photograph of Alessandro Mulazzani is © Manuela Ferrari.