Color photograph of Rosa Sessa sitting criss-cross on a colorful tiled floor in front of a colorful wall mural

Rosa Sessa

Italian Fellow in Modern Italian Studies
April 4–July 22, 2022
Research Fellow in History of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Project title
Architecture as Cultural Bridge: Reception and Dissemination of the Italian Architecture in the Italian–American Discourse of the Postwar Era
Project description

The project focuses on the contributions made by four important figures—Ada Louise Huxtable, Ernesto Nathan Rogers, Astra Zarina, Bruno Zevi—to the international architectural debate of the postwar period. The study is part of a research project that aims to look at the works of these four architectural theorists, two Italians and two Americans, from a particularly American perspective, given that their projects, exhibitions, writings, and lectures were aimed at an American audience. It explores the significance of Italian culture on the postwar transatlantic intellectual exchange and the role they had shaping the American perception of Italy.

The photograph of Rosa Sessa was taken by Giovanni Musollini.