Anna Gimon Betbeze

Anna Betbeze

Harold M. English/Jacob H. Lazarus- Metropolitan Museum of Art Rome Prize
September 9, 2013–August 1, 2014
Lecturer, School of Art, Yale University
Project title
Ruins and Portals
Project description

I propose to examine ancient ruins in Rome in their present urban setting as portals to alternate time-space, and as sites of displacement and entropy. I will also look at sites of contemporary ruin, and collect discarded materials in the city. While in residence, I will make a body of artworks that are a culmination of my research and experiences. For research, I will walk the ten mile Via Appia Antica where the largest collection of ruined tombs and monuments still exist and study the Roman Forum. I will also seek out Baroque sculpture and architecture. I look forward to the ways in which Rome’s art, architecture, and urban landscape will inform my work. I will use the time in Rome to expand the conceptual framework of my practice as well as my material vocabulary. I am excited to study the various modes of ancient and contemporary ruin as sites of temporal slippage and transformation. This project will give critical depth to my practice.