Color photograph of a light skinned woman with brown hair wearing a black blazer over an indigo shirt; she looks at the camera with a serious expression

Jeanine Oleson

Nancy B. Negley Rome Prize
February 5–July 5, 2024
Associate Professor, Department of Art and Design, Rutgers University
Project title
Untitled, Work-in-Progress
Project description

For my Rome Prize, I will pursue the onsite study of theaters from Greek and Roman antiquity through the Italian Renaissance to build a body of work around the development of theatrical perspective and the technologies of space in relationship to the rise of Western imperialism. Through thinking about architectures of vision and power, I will propose a new series of sets and objects. Expanded research and thinking always develop at this juncture in my creative process. I am often driven by access to materials, craftsmanship, and ideas that specific locales make available. I’m researching backdrops, scrims, monitors, and lighting to build objects and sets that play with depth perception inspired by preliminary research into the skene of ancient theaters—catastrophic effects of Western colonial interests as both enacted and limited by ideas of rational point of view.