Color photograph of Jennifer Pastore, sitting in a modernist chair in a 3/4 pose

Jennifer Pastore

Mark Hampton/Jesse Howard Jr. Rome Prize
February 14–July 22, 2022
Executive Photography Director, WSJ. The Wall Street Journal Magazine/Dow Jones, New York
Project title
Do You Know? Italian Storytelling Traditions and Emotional Resilience
Project description

This project explores how visual and oral family narratives create foundations for emotional resilience. Using a “snowball sampling” or “chain-referral” approach to meet with a wide range of young adults living in Rome, I will conduct semistructured oral interviews based on the “Do You Know? 20 Questions About Family Stories” study by Dr. Marshall Duke and Dr. Robyn Fivush of Emory University. I will seek a diverse group of subjects, including refugees, people who have lost loved ones to COVID-19, and others who have come up against challenging circumstances. Collaborating with Italian photographers and the subjects themselves, we will create new imagery, document ephemera that the subjects provide, and use material from the interviews as well as archival photographs from the Academy’s archive to create visual representations of family narratives which could take shape as albums, small-run books, and/or exhibitions.

The photograph of Jennifer Pastore was taken by Guillaume Bonn.