Nathaniel Donnett

Houston Region Affiliated Fellow
March 25–May 17, 2024
Artist, Houston, Texas
Project description

While in Rome, I will research the Etruscan civilization, focusing on their relationship to Rome, their visual language, and the spiritual systems related to their urban architecture. I’ll also more profoundly explore the late 1960s and 1970s Arte Povera movement, as it inspires my practice. Drawing upon Black aesthetic traditions and everyday aesthetic theory, I hope to translate the Etruscans’ rich cultural and material language through Black American and diasporic cultural expression and everyday aesthetic theory. As a result of this research, I will create drawings and field recordings, which will later develop into more significant textile works, installations, sculptures, and sound pieces. These works will expound on notions of transformation and the expansive use of material as a form of transcendence and a reservoir for holding memory and future potential.