125th Anniversary New York Gala

Kenneth Gaulin, Michael C. J. Putnam (Gala Honoree, 1964 Fellow, 1970 Resident), and AAR Director John Ochsendorf (2008 Fellow)
John Novogrod and Trustee Nancy Novogrod
John Ochsendorf (2008 Fellow), Mark Robbins (1997 Fellow), Calvin Tsao (2010 Resident), Jessie Price, Amy Cappellazzo, Michael C. J. Putnam (1964 Fellow, 1970 Resident), Michael Ward Stout, and Cary Davis
Board Chair Cary Davis and Trustee Mary Frank
Liana Brent (2019 Fellow) and Helen O’Leary (2019 Fellow)
Paula Matthusen (2015 Fellow), Karen Stein, Michael Bierut (2016 Resident)
Fred Fisher (2008 Fellow), Margaret Bates, and Scott Johnson
John Kamitsuka, C. Brian Rose (1992 Fellow, 2012 Resident), and Michael C. J. Putnam (1964 Fellow, 1970 Resident)
Deborah Willis (2019 Resident), Martin Puryear (1998 Resident), and Jeanne Gordon
Guy Nordenson (2009 Resident), Gala Guest, Stephen Cassell, and Catherine Seavitt Nordenson (1998 Fellow)
Kenneth Ard, Mark Letteney (2019 Fellow), Karyn Olivier (2019 Fellow), and Mary South
Howie Michaels and John Guare (2013 Resident)
Sascha Puryear, Jeanne Gordon, and Trustee Francine Prose (2006 Resident)
E. V. Day (2017 Fellow), Helaine Posner, and Ann Hamilton (2017 Resident)
Talia Di Manno (2019 Fellow), Trustee Fred Wilson (2020 Resident), and Zaneta Hong (2019 Fellow)
AAR President Mark Robbins (1997 Fellow) and Erin Besler (2019 Fellow)
Billie Tsien (2000 Resident) and Cary Davis
Annabelle Selldorf (2018 Resident) and John Ochsendorf (2008 Fellow)
AAR @ 125 Dining Room
Dinner place setting
Martin Puryear (1998 Resident) and Jhumpa Lahiri (2013 Resident)
Amy Cappellazzo and Calvin Tsao (2010 Resident)
Franco Baldasso (2019 Fellow), Jhumpa Lahiri (2013 Resident), Francesco Genuardi, and Laura Mattioli
Michael Ward Stout and AAR President Mark Robbins (1997 Fellow)
Gala guest and Basil Twist (2019 Fellow)
Beverly McIver (2018 Fellow) and her contribution to the Experience Package table

On Wednesday, November 6, 2019, approximately 325 guests gathered at Cipriani in downtown New York City to toast the 125th anniversary of the American Academy in Rome and to honor five individuals who advance the arts and humanities: Jhumpa Lahiri (2013 Resident), Martin Puryear (1998 Resident), Jessie Price, Michael C. J. Putnam (1964 Fellow, 1970 Resident), and the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.

All photographs were taken by Christine Butler.

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