Clifford Ross portrait

Clifford Ross

Mary Miss Resident in Visual Art
April 8–May 6, 2019
Artist, New York

“Looking at Rome through a camera lens is not on my agenda,” said the multimedia artist Clifford Ross. “I want to mainline the light—and culture—directly.” Ross easily moves from writing with light to composing with pen or pencil. “I’m looking forward to making works on paper and haunting my favorite places in Rome for inspiration,” he said. “I’d like to revisit some of the places that knocked me out years ago and stumble onto new things by getting lost a bit. I may leave my iPhone—and its camera—in New York.” Ross will drop by his two favorite Borromini churches (St. Ivo and Quattro Fontane) and scope out a few Bernini sculptures, too. “The Raphael rooms at the Vatican are another destination.” He is open to a change of direction, though. “I want Rome to guide me.”