Sheree Hovsepian

Mary Miss Resident in Visual Art
February 19–March 22, 2024
Photographer, New York

Sheree Hovsepian is a talented and innovative contemporary artist known for her captivating works that explore the intersections of identity, memory, and materiality. Born and raised in a culturally diverse background, she began an artistic journey deeply influenced by her experiences and the complexities of her own heritage.

Hovsepian deftly combines a range of mediums (including photography, sculpture, and installation art) to create thought-provoking and visually arresting pieces that challenge traditional notions of representation and perception. Her works often incorporate found objects, textiles, and organic materials, which she transforms and recontextualizes to explore themes of embodiment, cultural heritage, and the fluidity of identity. Her process is characterized by experimentation and a deep engagement with the physicality of her chosen materials, resulting in works that possess a captivating tactile quality.