Friends of the Library

Two men and two women sit at long tables and read books and other materials from the AAR Library; books rest on the shelves of tall wooden bookcases that line the walls, interspersed by tall windows that let in daylight
Readers in the Linda Bettman Reference Room of the AAR Library (photograph by Mimmo Capone)


Friends of the Library memberships directly support the Arthur & Janet C. Ross Library. Friends of the Library bring together individuals who believe that the Library is one of the Academy’s greatest assets. Membership dues help to further independent research and study in one of the world’s strongest collections of ancient Mediterranean art and archaeology, classical literature, ancient topography, and other related fields. Members enjoy exclusive events and special library privileges. Participation is at two levels: Associate and Conservator.

Levels of Support


Dual membership. Invitations to:

  • Fall Reception to welcome new Rome Prize Winners and Italian Fellows
  • Summer Garden Party
  • Rome Sustainable Food Project buffet lunch with the AAR community, Monday–Friday*
  • Virtual Friends of the Library lectures by leading voices in the humanities
  • All public events throughout the year


Enjoy access for one member to the Library, Monday–Friday 9:00am–6:00pm, as well as the Associate benefits above and the following opportunities for both members:

  • Dinner with the Drue Heinz Librarian following the Friends of the Library Lecture
  • Private exhibition tour with curators and artists
  • Special access to the Academy Bar and lunches*
  • Reserved seating upon request for select events
  • Guided, private tour of the McKim, Mead & White Building, including the Library and Rare Book Room, and the Villa Aurelia

* Buffet lunches and items at the Academy Bar are subject to an additional fee. Buffet lunches are available Monday–Friday. The Academy Bar is open Monday–Friday.

All benefits and access to the Academy Bar, meals, and Library are subject to change due to evolving COVID-19 safety protocols.

Friends Events

Animated GIF with two color photographs of a Friends of the Library tour of the Barbara Goldsmith Rare Book Room
Sebastian Hierl leads a Friends of the Library tour of the Barbara Goldsmith Rare Book Room

Friends of the Library have enjoyed events such as a private visit to the Vatican Library Conservation Workshop and Salone Sistino with Director and Conservator Dr. Angela Nuñez; a behind-the-scenes tour of the Barbara Goldsmith Rare Book Room and presentation of some of the Academy’s most valuable rare books with Drue Heinz Librarian Sebastian Hierl; and a private visit to the Istituto Centrale per la Grafica to explore their collections of plates by engravers such as Giovanni Battista Falda, Giuseppe Vasi, and Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

Other Memberships